Lulu Sanders is one of the three Pony Pals, along with Anna Harley and Pam Crandal. Her pony is Snow White. She is the main character in every third book starting with book 1 I Want a Pony.

Lulu (full name Lucinda) is a fifth grader who moves to 'boring Wiggins' to live with her grandmother while her father works in the Amazon in Brazil researching animals, since her mother died when she was four. Her grandmother, Grandmother Sanders, is a hairdresser who runs the Sanders Beauty Salon in town. Before Wiggins, she lived in England, where she learned to ride horses. She and her grandmother live next door to Anna and her family. At the end of the series in Super Special 6 The Last Pony Ride, Lulu moves away to Botswana, Africa with her father.

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