Pam Crandal is one of the three Pony Pals, along with Anna Harley and Lulu Sanders. Her pony is Lightning. She is the main character in every third book starting with book 3.

Pam is an African-American girl who has grown up around horses and ponies. Her father is a veterinarian who owns the Crandal Animal Clinic and her mother is a riding teacher. Pam knows the most about horses and riding, as well as taking care of other animals. She originally disliked horse shows, despite being a highly capable rider, but over the course of the series she grows to like competitions.

Her father Dr. Crandal is a veterinarian and her mother Mrs. Crandal is a riding instructor. She has a younger sister and brother, Jack and Jill, who are five-year-old twins. She has owned ponies since she was five and Lightning is her second pony.

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